Advertising and Marketing

The Ngong Racecourse grounds provide a number of exciting opportunities to increase brand awareness both locally and internationally. Our extensive fixture list provides advertisers with exclusive access to a high desirable target market.

Advertising Boards
Advertising Boards at the racecourse are seen by over 100,000 Kenyans on 30 fixtures throughout the year through live TV coverage on Tellytrack TV in Souht Africa and by visitors to the racecourse for a wide range of non-race day events.

Live TV coverage on Tellytrack Racing Channel in South Africa through a link with Citizen TV also ensures the races are broadcasted to 1.8 million DSTV decoders in South Africa.

Tote Canopy
The tote canopy is strategically placed across the finishing post and is therefore visible to all.

Starting Stall Branding
The starting stalls attract attention at the beginning of every race and this is featured live on Citizen TV and Tellytrack Racing Channel in South Africa. Branding of the starting stalls would give your brand great visibility.

Score Board
Branding of the 3 score boards on the racecourse. They are located along the track, at the parade ring and at the main enclosure