Having purchased your horse, it is necessary to budget of the following recurrent expenses:

1) If the horse has been purchased by a company, a syndicate or a partnership, it is necessary to register such an arrangement with the Jockey Club of Kenya. The cost varies between KSH. 2,000 and KSH. 4,000

2) It will also be necessary to give your nominated Trainer Authority to Act on your behalf. The cost is KSh.1, 500 for the season.

3) You will also no doubt need to register your Racing Colours with the Jockey Club of Kenya. The cost is KSH. 6,000, for an initialregistration. The object of the Colours a Jockey wears is to distinguish one Horse from another in a Race and make it possiblefor you to identify your Horse from a distance. The Jockey Club allows you to design your own set of colours, which must be submitted for approval by the Stewards.

4) Your most significant recurrent cost will be the monthly Training Fee... you will have already carefully considered each Trainer’s cost before making your final decision. The basic monthly fee is currently between KSh.20,000 and KSh. 25,000

Please remember that it is just as expensive to maintain a bad horse as it is to keep a champion. As a rule, you are better off buying at the very top end of your budget. Secondly your Trainer cannot maintain your Horse unless you meet your monthly training bill promptly.