Betting at Ngong Racecourse

At the jockey club of Kenya, wagering on horse racing has been spread all over the racecourse and you can choose the most convenient area where you would like to place your bet from.

Next to the registry office is the tote building, otherwise referred to as Quinella. This betting area provides no less than five betting windows with well trained tellers waiting to take your bets and assist you with any queries you may have regarding the same.

Directly opposite the Quinella is another betting area commonly referred to as TENTS. This is easily identifiable as the area covered by a huge canopy and a slab with two open counters each holding no less than four tellers. Along with the ticket issuing machines, there are TVs that provide you with the ODDS and all the LIVE action either from Ngong or any other racetrack being broadcast by Racing International.

In the OBTS LOUNGE where we have the owners, breeders and trainers following the races, we have another betting counter coupled with TVs that provide both the odds as well as LIVE racing. It must be noted that this is a private members lounge and members of the public will be best advised to place their bets on any of the other numerous locations dotting the racecourse. Besides the OBTS Lounge, we also provide wagering services at the GRAND STAND RESTAURANT and the MEMBERS LOUNGE.

For the non-paying public attending the races, we have provided the largest betting area. The building housing the ticket issuing machines here is referred to as the SILVERING. Here we have also added a good number of TVs to allow for the members of the public to follow the action past the finishing post into the parade ring.