Rules of Betting : Introduction

The Jockey Club of Kenya is proud to present to the race-goers a new totalisator system.

This new system is linked with the central computers of Phumelela’s Amtote tote betting system in Jo’Burg, South Africa.

Thanks to this direct link, JCK will be able to offer betting on international racing and commingle into the pools of Phumelela’s Amtote tote betting system.

It will also give JCK the opportunity to sell Kenyan Races on the international market and give other tote operators the possibility to commingle in our pools.

The first step is to operate this new system at the Ngong Racecourse on Kenyan races only. Not all bet types mentioned in this document will be available from the first day of operation. JCK will introduce new types step by step, allowing the punters to master new bet types before introducing others.

The second step will be to offer the facility to punters to bet on international racing. This facility will be made operational first at the Ngong Racecourse before opening off-course outlets. Bet types and rules differ for each operator. JCK will make the relevant rules available before starting this service.

The third step will see Kenyan Racing go international, and offer the facility to other tote operators to commingle into JCK pools. This can only be done when JCK is able to offer professional quality pictures of their races to be distributed via Tellytrack and Racing International, two TV channels owned by Phumelela-Gold Enterprises, a joint venture of Phumelela Gaming and Leisure Limited, which is listed on the JSE Securities exchange, and Gold Circle (Pty) Ltd.

All this would not be possible without the generous help JCK received from Phumelela Gaming and Leisure Limited and Gold Circle (Pty) Ltd.

The Jockey Club of Kenya therefore in name of all the horse racing stakeholders in Kenya thanks both companies for their effort to assist Kenyan Racing.

The Board of the JCK hopes that the introduction of the new totalisator will serve the needs of race-goers and that it will help to improve horse racing in Kenya.


In these rules, unless inconsistent with the context, the singular shall include the plural and vice versa, the male shall include the female, and ...

: Shall mean the official bet slip issued by the CLUB for the purpose of selecting pools and horse combinations which are to be read by the ticket issuing machines.

1.2.v BOX: Shall mean that mode of betting where selected horses are permutated all ways in relation to the type of bet and applies to the following pools: Swinger, Exacta, Trifecta, Quartet and Superfecta.

Shall mean that any horse appearing as an entry, or Reserve runner, in the official race card, regardless of whether it was scratched before or after the race card had been printed, shall be considered to be carded.

Shall mean the Jockey Club of Kenya.

Shall mean the amount declared to be paid to holders of winning tickets in respect of each unit bet calculated in accordance with these Rules as they apply to each form of betting.

Shall mean a win and place bet on one horse issued on the same ticket.

Shall mean that horse that has been carded in the official race card as a replacement horse for any horse which may be scratched from such race before a particular time. This horse retains its carded number and forms part of the carded field.

Shall mean a person acting as such, whether in a permanent or temporary capacity, on behalf of the Club.

1.9.v GROSS POOL: Shall mean the total amount received in respect of a betting pool, after the deduction of any amounts to be refunded.

Shall mean that such ticket is issued in terms of these rules.

Shall mean each nominated race in those forms of betting where selections are required in more than one race. Each nominated race is termed a leg. The first of the nominated races to be run is the 1st Leg. The second of the nominated races to be run is the 2nd Leg and so on, depending on the number of races incorporated in a particular bet type.

Shall mean a person under the age of eighteen years.

1.13.v NET POOL: Shall mean the Gross Pool less Statutory Deductions.

Shall mean a person acting as such, whether in a permanent or temporary capacity, on behalf of the Club.

Shall mean the official race card issued by the Club for a specific race meeting.

Shall mean these Totalizator Rules herein contained, as amended from time to time hereafter.

Shall mean a horse which in any race has come under starter's orders and has not been withdrawn before or after the start of such race.

Shall mean a person acting as such on behalf of the Club.

TICKET: Shall mean an official betting ticket issued subject to the provisions of these Rules, by the Club.

Is the individual horse on which the most number of win units have been taken. Should two or more horses have exactly the same number of units invested on them, Joint Favourites shall be declared.

No ticket shall be valid unless it is issued from an operative terminal on official ticket paper and bears the correct horse number or numbers, the race number, the type of bet and the official code of the race meeting.

Is the person who presents a valid ticket for payment.