Type of Bets

NOTE: The unit of all Tote horseracing bets is Ksh20.

Bet a horse to WIN.

Bet a horse to finish in the placings. The number of horses qualifying for PLACE payouts depends on the number of runnerds:


 Five runners or less  NO PLACE BETTING
 Six to seven runners:  FIRST
Eight 15 runners:  FIRST

16 or more runners:  FIRST

In selected major races, like the Vodacom Durban July or the Sansui Summer Cup (in South Africa) the number of PLACE payouts may be increased to include the FIFTH and SIXTH-PLACED runners.

EACHWAY - Combines a Win and Place bet. You collect the Win and Place payouts if the horse bet on finishes FIRST. You get the Place payout if the horse finishes SECOND or THIRD (the number of PLACE payouts varies according to the number of runners, see above). The same amount is always bet for the Win and the Place.

SWINGER - A great bet! Pick 2 horses in a race and couple them in a Swinger. You win if the 2 horses chosen fill 2 of the first 3 places. There are 3 winning combinations 1st & 2nd (or 2nd & 1st); 1st & 3rd (or 3rd & 1st); 2nd & 3rd (or 3rd & 2nd). No payout 3rd & 3rd if deadheat for THIRD.

EXACTA - Bet on the horses to finish FIRST and SECOND in the exact order. Bet 3 different ways:
- Single: Choose 1 horse for FIRST and 1 horse for SECOND.
- Perm: Choose any number of horses for FIRST and for SECOND.
- Box: Choose 2 or more horses. You collect if the horses chosen include the FIRST and SECOND finishers.

TRIFECTA - Bet on the horses to finish FIRST, SECOND and THIRD in the exact order.

QUARTET - Bet on the horses to finish FIRST, SECOND, THIRD and FOURTH in the exact order.

There are 4 different ways to bet the Trifecta & Quartet: Single, Multi, Float (Rove) & Box.

A popular Trifecta option is Multi, choosing one horse for FIRST with three or more other horses for SECOND and THIRD.

JACKPOT - Choose the winners of all 4 races that comprise the Jackpot (Legs 1 to 4). One horse or more can be chosen in each of the 4 races. Fractional betting may not be used.

PICK 6 - Choose the winners of all 6 races that comprise the Pick 6 (Legs 1 to 6) and you can win a fortune! One horse or more can be chosen in each of the 6 races.

PLACE ACCUMULATOR - Choose a horse, or horses, to finish FIRST, SECOND or THIRD in each of the 7 races that comprise the Place Accumulator (Legs 1 to 7). You can win the bet many times. Example: You choose one horse in each of Legs 1 to 4 and two horses in each of Legs 5, 6 and 7. If all choices finish in the first 3, payout is won eight times (1x1x1x1x2x2x2 = 8).

CALCULATE THE COST - PICK 6, JACKPOT, PICK 3 & PLACE ACCUMULATOR Multiply out the total number of choices made for each leg. Example: In a Pick 6 you choose four horses in Leg 1; three horses in Leg 2; one horse in Leg 3; two horses in Leg 4; two horses in Leg 5 and one horse in Leg 6. This is 48 combinations x R1 each (4x3x1x2x2x1) = Ksh960.

Fractional betting IS NOT allowed in Kenya.